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Vegan friendly, private chef in los angeles

All the experience of chef Benjamin Kalifa on La Belle Assiette

April 18, 2013, was talking about Benjamin Kalifa. Benjamin Kalifa, home chef for 5 years already, is a hard worker and rigorous. From the kitchens of great restaurants in the French Riviera in the light of Top Chef, he describes his experience to us today. “Cooking is number 1 in my life! “ Benjamin […]
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Benjamin Kalifa, Private French Chef in Los Angeles, Kosher speciality

My French City, talks about me!

Discover the very showy universe of young chef Benjamin Kalifa: home cooking, cooking lessons for individuals and companies … From his beginnings with the great chefs of the Côte d’Azur to his culinary activities in France and the United States, the chef Benjamin Kalifa never ceases to surprise and detonate in the land of gastronomy, where the […]
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Benjamin Kalifa s'installe à Miami

Benjamin Kalifa settles in Miami

This morning, Benjamin Kalifa and Ruben Sarfati were the guests of Jean-Marc Morandini in "Morandini Live" on CNews (french TV) and Non Stop People at the launch tonight of the new season of "Top Chef" on M6. The two former candidates of the show gave exclusive news to viewers.
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