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Chef Benjamin Kalifa (Bënka) and his team offer you a 100 % vegetarian or vegan organic and healthy catering service.
Discover a rich and tasty vegetal cuisine that revisits your favorite Mediterranean, Maghreb, Oriental, Asian or Latino recipes. We offer a wide choice of services; salty, pastry and even gluten free, often raw.
Indulge in buffets that are catered entirely to your image for any occasion or event, be it a birthday, a wedding, a party or even a festival. Call us now or send us a message for any further information or a booking.
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What is vegetarian diet?
Why does Bënka Private Chef in Los Angeles commit to this area?
‘’Vegetarianism’’ as it was known, is a practice that begun at the start of the century. Although it was not well known at the start, it has now become a universal food base for people who do not have access to meat on a daily basis and who therefore use a herbal diet. Vegetarianism is widespread in both rich and less rich countries. It has presently become a form of philosophy of life in which individuals feed themselves differently per notions of environmental preservation, animal life and subsequently their beneficial effects on health. Vegetarianism has reflected on the consequences of the agro-food industry and the encouragement to ask questions on "Well-being". This diet is practiced by Europeans in Europe; there has been some consideration on the presence of the consumer society while there is one of type to feed on protein. It is true that vegetarianism is globally more economical than a standard diet that includes animal products (meat ...).
Variants of vegetarian diets
Bënka Private Chef and his team of privates chefs in Los Angeles gives you the main ones:
The ovo-lacto vegetarian diet: the base is made up of by cereals and cereal products (wheat, rice, spelled, corn, rye, barley, bread, pasta, ...), legumes (lentils, peas, beans, beans ...) , dairy products (milk, yogurts, cheeses ...).

Two stricter variants are the vegetarian and egg-vegetarian diets which are identical to the previous ones without eggs for the former and without dairy products for the latter. The vegan diet (vegetarian strictosensu).

As for the general and essential intake of proteins, they are vegetable and amino acid rich foods. The proteins from egg or cow's milk contain all the essential amino acids known as reference proteins. In vegetarians, the most sensitive amino acids are Lysine and the two amino acids sulfur (methionine, phenylalanine).

So, Bënka private chef in Los Angeles and his team of private chefs in Los Angeles are committed to combining vegetable proteins in their daily diet in combination with food that deficient in friendly, but it is complementary. Thus, we propose several combinations:

Animal protein rich in lysine + lysine-poor cereals; Legumes rich in lysine, poor in essential amino acids sulfur + cereals poor in lysine, rich in amino acids sulfur.

Note: AAE are mostly present in the cereal envelope, so a whole- grain rice( brown rice ) is interesting.
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Vegetarian - Private chef LA - French private chef Los Angeles
Bënka Private Chef and his team of privates chefs in Los Angeles offer several combinations of the following associations, from the least strict to the least strict according to the regime:
- Cereals + legumes: Rice-lentils, Soybeans, Wheat-beans, ...;
- Cereals + oleaginous: Rice-almond, Semolina-hazel, ...;
- Cereals + algae: Spirulina rice, Wakame paste ...;
- Cereals + dairy products or cheeses: Rice-milk, Parmesan cheese, Polenta-Gruyere ...
- Cereals + eggs: Flan, cake, ...
- Cereals + seafood or fish: Rice-shrimp, salmon-dough, ...

For all of these diets, Bënka private chef, is committed to balancing lipids, carbohydrates and fiber. It is easily composed of very regular consumer products and complete or semi-complete cereals and cereal products, fruit, vegetables, legumes, oilseeds, seaweed...
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In terms of micronutrients, Bënka private Chef and his team of chefs in Los Angeles are also committed to the strict vegetarian diet.
The stricter the diet, the higher the risk of a deficiency or even deficiencies! This is especially true if a person is vegan. The risks are related to calcium (lack of dairy products), iron (excess of phytic acid, vegetable iron that is less well absorbed than animal iron), vitamins A and D (lack of eggs, cheese, milk), fatty fish for vitamin D), vitamin B12 (without animal products). Nevertheless, a complete and well-balanced vegetarian diet meets micronutrient needs, especially for less severe ones.

In conclusion, for the vegetarian population, it is recommended to provide a balance sheet aid via seaweed (Spirulina, Wakame, Nori, marine lettuce, Kombu, Dulse ...), dried fruits (dates, prunes, grapes ...), the soy and its derivatives (juice, yogurt, sour cream, tofu, miso, tempeh ...), proteoleaginous fruits (nuts, hazelnut, almond, pistachio, sesame ...), sprouts (legumes, oilseeds, cereals. ..), wheat germ as well as yeast-based foods. These foods are able to "level" through a high micronutrient deficiency.

An intake of one egg and two parts minimum of dairy products per day appear to be the best solution to balance a vegetarian diet.

After all these explanations, you now know everything there is to know about being a vegetarian backwards and forwards. Should you require any further information or if you simply want to order for an event, Bënka private chef and his team of privates chefs in Los Angeles are at your disposal
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The private chef service includes a chef, the groceries, the set up and clean up, for 10 dinner attendees. An additional cook will be added for events that exceeds 10 people. Please contact us for additional information.

A server costs $ 250 for 6 hours of service.

The home chef is a popular feature these days. Our chefs and servers come to your home and offer you a top-of-the-range and refined service. For a dinner with family, friends or business, we offer our "home chef" service. You can combine the refinement of a restaurant meal in the intimacy of your home.
The menu will be personalized as per your tastes and desires.

The chef takes care of everything and equips your kitchen with its ingredients and equipment if necessary. He will take care of you and your guests and take care of everything once the reception is over. All you have to do is sit back relay and enjoy the moment; we'll take care of the rest.

* Attention the prices of our menus are according to the number of guests on estimate. For an estimate of two people.

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