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Discover the very showy universe of young chef Benjamin Kalifa: home cooking, cooking lessons for individuals and companies ... From his beginnings with the great chefs of the Côte d'Azur to his culinary activities in France and the United States, the chef Benjamin Kalifa never ceases to surprise and detonate in the land of gastronomy, where the image of the chefs remains strong all quite conservative.

A public figure in France and Ex-candidate of the TOP CHEF 2010 show, he arrives in the United States and more precisely in Miami at your home to prepare a menu worthy of a great Parisian restaurant !!! Both chef and true showman, Benjamin cooks at your home for your lunches, your private parties, your events, in your business or during public culinary shows where young and old have fun and feast.

A glamorous, creative, festive, sunny cuisine, an innate sense of good humor and a rock-solid dynamism, Benjamin takes you into his universe. He will meet all your expectations ... So do not hesitate to contact him !!!

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