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Having a chef at home is always a suitable solution for different events organized at home. This one can indeed unload you tasks related to the organization of the meal for your guests. And of course, the quality is always at the rendezvous.

Having a hiding kosher private chef is now possible, and anyone can afford this little luxury. At a reception at home, it is often difficult to find yourself between the reception of guests and the organization of the meal. Having a chef at home allows you to concentrate on your guests by being sure to satisfy them.

And even with demanding diners, the services of a kosher caterer will not disappoint you and your guests. This one will offer you a meal composed according to your needs.
Enjoy your guests with the help of a kosher home chef
Unloading yourself from the meal portion is the main benefit of a private chef.
Kosher private chef certified mashgiach
The "restaurant formula" at home
With the same benefits as in the big restaurants is a considerable advantage when you have guests. Thus, you can enjoy the moment shared with them without worrying about the meal to offer them later.
Having a chef at home allows you to benefit from a high-end service, adapted to your needs. You will be served the best kosher dishes while enjoying the conviviality with your guests.

A tailor-made service offered by the chef at home.
To please your guests, choosing a home chef is ideal. It is also up to you to define the meal to propose to your guests. The menu will be personalized according to your choices, the dishes that you think will please your guests.
Fine cuisine prepared according to Jewish traditions.
Good practices in kosher cooking, only a kosher home chef can know them.

A dish concocted with respect for Jewish traditions.
For those who are used to kosher meals, it is easy to recognize the dishes concocted according to Jewish traditions. The kosher private chef has the advantage of knowing the best practices in this area to offer you real recipes hide.

A meal under the sign of greed and spiritual harmony.
With a home chef who knows the basics of kosher practices, you can make sure you follow the rules of kosher eating while enjoying a moment of conviviality. Indeed, this chef will be able to follow the preparation and composition of a kosher diet.

Kosher Services

BENKA is 100% available to cook and serve an excellent kosher private chef dinner. We can provide you with a certified Mashgiach to supervise events, chefs and waiters.
How it works?

To give you an idea of how your service works, simply choose the desired menu, adjust or request any item of your choice.

BENKA TEAM will buy, prepare and cook under the supervision of a certified Mashgiach (the cost of this mashgiah is not included in the price of the kosher private chef), your dinner will be chosen from scratch. Your chef will work with you to manage every aspect of your dinner. . The Mashgiach will remain the duration of your dinner to oversee all aspects of the dining experience.

The server will prepare all drinks and erase all dishes, glasses and garbage from the party.

Kosher private chef certified mashgiach


The kosher private chef service includes a chef, all shopping, cleaning for 8 people. Beyond 6 people, a cook will be added.

The cost of a mashgiach is $ 350 for the whole day of the chef. A server costs $ 250 for 6 hours of benefits.

The home chef is a popular feature currently. Our chefs and our waiters come to your place and offer you a high-end and refined service. For a dinner with family, friends, or business relations, we offer our service "the chef at home". You can combine the refinement of a meal in the restaurant with the intimacy of an invitation to your home.

The menu will be personalized and will follow your tastes and desires.

The chef takes care of everything and invests your kitchen with its ingredients and equipment if needed. He will take care of your guests and arrange once the reception is over. You just have to enjoy your guests, we take care of the rest.

* Attention the prices of our menus are according to the number of guests on estimate. For two people on estimate.

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