Benjamin Kalifa settles in Miami

Benjamin Kalifa s'installe à Miami
This morning, Benjamin Kalifa and Ruben Sarfati were the guests of Jean-Marc Morandini in "Morandini Live" on CNews (french TV) and Non Stop People at the launch tonight of the new season of "Top Chef" on M6. The two former candidates of the show gave exclusive news to viewers.

"Without Top Chef, I never could have done what I'm doing now, I'm a private chef, a culinary consultant, I train people," said Benjamin Kalifa, confident that in a month he will leave France to become a private chef in Miami and eventually open his restaurant. "What annoys me are the charges in France, that's why I leave France, but I love my country," said the former candidate of the "Angels of reality TV".

At the end of the show, Benjamin Kalifa says he had "a lot of proposals" to participate in reality TV. "I had to select the one that suits me, like the Angels," he continued.

For his part, Ruben Sarfati explains that "Top Chef" was "a real accelerator". "It saved me a lot of time, doing a lot of things very quickly, touching everything (...) Today, I walk thanks to word of mouth, more with the show.The first year is the show that allowed me to find customers, After these are the customers that I have had, satisfied, who spoke and played word of mouth, it is thanks to that today that I work " , he explained, confiding that "the mistake is to have opened [his] restaurant all alone". "Today, I am developing my catering business, I have a website, I do restaurant advice, I redo their cards or I make cards for restaurants that are opening up," concluded the young chef. .

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