Bënka code

1) The service is performed by the chef up to 6 guests (beyond, we recommend that you call upon one of our waiter).

2) The chef will adapt to your wishes and cooking preferences (allergies, religion, special diet).

3) The chef will be using your kitchen and utensils.

4) The chef works should be clean and tidy kitchen (the chef after cooking, the chef will leave the kitchen clean as it was).

5) Alcoholic beverages and spirits sodas and water are not included.

6) A 50 % deposit should be paid in advance by the customer to reserve the chef (remaining 50 % should be paid on the day of the performance).

7) The menu would be cooked by the chef is the same for all the guests.

8) Passed hors d’oeuvres are not included (if you want some appetizers, please ask for a price estimate to the Benka team).

9) Products are purchased and cooked on the same day by the Benka team.
10) A 50 dollars supplement would be charged to the customer if access to the event place is difficult, for example without an elevator.

11) The chef’s performance ends when dessert is served, and the kitchen is clean is tidy.

12) Once the table is all set by the client. The chef will start services the dishes.

13) The chef will be arriving at the client’s place at least three hours in advance.

14) The chef will leave you the surplus of his cooking and the unused products.

15) From 8 people, one server or more, depending on the number of people, you will be added. The cost of a butler is: 35 dollars per hour.
16) The chef can provide table service for up to 7 people.

17) From 8 people, a cleaning lady will be asked for all the cleaning of the chef (from the beginning to the end of his service).

18) The kitchen should be cleaned and tidied up when the chef arrives. If unfortunately the kitchen is not cleaned, an additional 100 dollars will be added.

19)Please leave at least one shelf in the refrigerator so that the chef can store all of his groceries.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Benka team. We will answer to all your specific requests. Our job is to offer you the best customized food experience. We will do our best to satisfy all of you requests.

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