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18 April, 2013, La Belle Assiette was talking about Benjamin Kalifa
Benjamin Kalifa, a renowned personal chef for over five years now, is a rigorous and hard worker. From the kitchens of the greatest restaurants of the French Riviera to the limelight of Top Chef, he shares his experience with us today.

"Cooking is number one in my life! »

Having had restaurateur parents, Benjamin has always been exposed to the food business. Originally from Nice, the chef Benjamin Kalifa began working in the great kitchens of Louis XV in Monaco, the Carlton, La Bastide Saint-Antoine, among many others…

The prestigious chefs he works with, transmit their enthusiasm for what they do and their culinary passion to him. Benjamin doesn't impose a label on himself, he doesn't see himself as belonging to any particular culinary style and prefers having a wide array of knowledge: "I've taken from all chefs", cooking is a discipline of great precision that can be learned everywhere.

Under the spotlight, he joins the first season of Top Chef, in 2010, where he made it all the way to the semi-finals, proof that you have to know how to cook just about everything. Benjamin confesses that it taught him how to work in a team all over again, which is something you lose touch with when you work independently. It also allowed him to discover the other cuisines.
This great experience will have introduced Benjamin to the public. For this "workaholic" as he puts it, rigor always pays, one must not try to cheat.

Benjamin Kalifa is the guarantee of a great technique for a cuisine that is mindful of the products.

Strengthened by his experience, he sets out to conquer the capital and freely practice as a personal chef. He enjoys the interpersonal aspect of working as a personal chef. The proximity and a direct link with the client allow for easy exchange: "we communicate, we are at the client's mercy". Outside of a restaurant setting, he allows the right ingredients to speak for themselves according to your tastes.

To act according to taste but also in accordance with traditions.

Benjamin’s education allows him to make Kosher meals when the occasion arises. With respect for your taste buds, Benjamin composes his menus only with quality seasonal products bought on the market and occasionally organic upon request but "it is not an essential criterion, as long as the product is good and fresh". This devoted chef is an adept of home cooking because it "does not allow you to get sucked into a routine" as you always have to adapt to requests.

Which means the customer is king, "I create according to taste and budget, I make custom-made meals," explains Benjamin.In this way, cooking remains an everyday challenge that must be shared with as many people as possible.

If your mouth is already watering, book a meal with Benjamin Kalifa on La Belle Assiette.

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